Canon 8-15mm F4 USM Fisheye Lens Review

Canon EF 8-15mm f/4 L USM Fisheye Review

This is a full review of the brand new Canon 8-15mm F4 USM L Fisheye Lens. You can download FULL RES samples images from the link above.


Mike Ahee says:

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a fisheye for me C100, I was wondering if anyone has used this lens with it? only reason I ask is because you say this lens is better with cameras that are not full frame..

Michael Stewart says:

1:57 you still fucking failed with your annotation sentence

_username13 says:

That iPhone is ancient

Alex Castro says:

Fantastic review man! Thanks for all the info! I’ll definitely be saving up for this one. I’m convinced.

Saurav Chowdhury says:

Hey Jared just saying, this makes an amazing concert lens. 
Got to use my friends one for his bands concert, and it gave me some of my best photos for the night, for back stage stuff and shots from the pit

302 Productions says:

when he has the darthvader helmet on he sounds like homer off the simpsons

K. D. says:

Nikon 16 mm “not sharp at all”. How sharp does a fisheye have to be ?

That lens is still plenty sharp…..IMO.

Thanks for the video.

ForceOfWizardry says:

He’s right about one thing..the lens does cost $14.99 to make

Tom Hunter says:

My interest in this 8-15mm lens is for 360×180 panoramic photography (using the 8mm side of it). Being it zooms to 15mm, makes it a more versatile lens for still and video effect. From all the videos I’ve seen about this lens, it seems worth the money.

Thanks Fro, awesome lens!!!

Eero says:

Google search fish eye lense for xxx (xxx and xxx being the camera model) you might find some cheaper ones :p

SoldatTalaban says:

i’ve just bought one and i don’t like the only one thing
when u shoot a vid on 8 mm it’s not a full circle, it pisses me offfffffff
u can see it from 11:24 to 11:55 on the vid above

TexMex says:

Probably that someone who ons a $1500 lens will likely own a camera bag.

Ulises Calixto says:

Amazing <3

Halunlimited says:

Nice review. Would this lens be appropriate for shooting 5D Mark iv 4K cropped video footage? Or is this too extreme? I could justify its purchase more if I wasn’t just using it for super wide angle stuff. BTW, I already have a Canon 16-35 lens. Thanks.

Drone Age says:

14.99 cool! 😛

Max Dobson says:

If you think the lens is “very limited” at 8mm, how about put it on something like a 7d thats NOT full frame so you don’t get the shitty circle effect?

Paul Pichugin says:

I’ve had this lens for 6 months.. it’s incredible 🙂

ted tedsen says:

yeh Nice lens but i can tell there is an narrow blu ring around the edge of the lens or the image what is that

MrXelium says:


theskiboarder1997 says:

true, and I’m not saying it’s a bad lens (I actually have it) but it’s not very sharp, it’s totally manual, there are chromatic aberrations everywhere, and it’s a fixed focal length
Although from a consumer point of view it’s much more bang for your buck, I usually only use it for indoor shots but I’ve taken some of my favourite landscapes with it too

Tyler Magee says:

$14.99 L glass I WISH

Noisia Steampunk says:

Fuck the lens i can’t focus on it. I am just looking at your hair! lol..

Neouss YT says:

Damn…. still wondering how his hairs fit into that mask

Ian Lindo says:

…because the “shitty circle effect” is the whole point of a fisheye lens

David Wright says:

Actually, why haven’t Canon come up with a lens protection solution for protecting the lens. If I spent $1500 on a guitar, I’d expect a case and a pick guard. What are they thinking?

Adam Hawk says:

@8:22 I see a Blue Yeti 🙂

David Wright says:

I’m currently looking at what ultra wide might add value to my kit, over the 24-105 on my 5D mark ii. I like the way Darth turns slowly into Doctor Evil.

Lasse Lindström says:

I always wonder how he gets the fro under the vader helmet

Diesel Beast Films says:


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