David King says:

What about the 6.2mm f/5.6 or the super rare (like $100k) 6mm f/2.8? Those things are insane, I’ve read about them / watched videos about them before.

Orville Charles says:

I live in China and they have all these lenses in abundance and dirt cheap! I just got the 16mm 2.8 for $220.00

Odu Kar says:

Two months ago I bought a neat16mm/2.8d Fisheye on EBAY for 410€ (460$). It”s more than a toy because if used in the right way the images you get out are remarkable great.
In your video you should also mention that the 10.5 DX fisheye can be used in fullframe when you mill off the integrated lens hood. The cost is about 150€.
Ken thanks for the tip with the Velco strip 🙂

協咒曲-皮諾切特 says:

That 16mm f3.5 ais fisheye I have only encountered freaking 1 on Ebay… one. And I did not win it!

Spencer Norton says:

Hi Angry Photographer,
I’m a Photography Student , and would appreciate your advice on which Fisheye I should get to compliment my D500 ? Many thank’s for your great Videos!!

Michael Eitland says:

Glad that you are feeling better.

אמיר עויס says:

you forget the nikkor 6mm 2.8

Joshua Photara says:

I found a minty copy of the 16mm 2.8 Ai-s with the filters for 330 Aus dollars. I’m assuming that’s a good buy.

Schindlersfist says:

I bought your fisheye recommendation of the 10.5 and wow. It’s my favourite. But it’s developed a bad rattle:( is this normal it still works fine. Once in a while while focusing the image in the view finder shifts. Think I should send it to nikon? Thanks in advance. All your lens recommendations have been awesome:)

chico bolt says:

Hello, Angry Photographer!
First my compliments for all the good info! But I have a question about 10.5 mm f/2.8 DX. Some people shave off the lenshood, of the lens. (movies on YouTube show the instructions how to do this). For full frame operation instead of DX crop. What are your thoughts on this. Could this may have negative effects on anything? Or does this affects the photos in any way?


Dustin Pitzer says:

Does the 16mm f/2.8 d fisheye work with AF if it’s used on a dslr with an autofocus motor built in? Example: the d810. Just double checking.

Maxim Bulat says:

was specifically interested in a fisheye lens, this video is on time! 🙂 Might not be on topic with this video but what is your opinion, Ken, of Tokina 11-16? I saw a lot of positive reviews on this lens but the question is are the reviewers enough expertised to compare the lenses… thanks in advance.

אמיר אמיר says:

i found a 16mm f2.8 ais for a 170$ but its have a small scrach on the front element
do you recomend to get it?

Yannick Khong says:

What’s your take on third party fisheye lenses?

KElson992 says:

I hate to be that guy, but i use canon. Could you recommend a fish eye for canon?
I use a 5D mk1 and 60D
I’d really appreciate your opinion 🙂

Steve TQP says:

Ken, very interesting for Nikon, however, for Fujifilm, I recommend the Rokinon 8mm f/2.8 Fish-Eye II. True, it’s not in the same Sharpness league as the superb Fuji XF lenses, but it can be made quite good via careful post processing!

Sérgio M. says:

Ken, thanks for the useful tips. I think I’ll be getting my fisheye before my telezoom. 😉

Just one question, how about the 16mm 2.8D on a DX, does it work properly or isn’t it wide enough?
I’m asking because I shoot film as well and I wouldn’t mind paying the difference to have a lens that goes on both systems.

The Barbas says:

do you ever test the nikkor 8mm 2.8 fisheye?

jdebultra says:

Thanks Ken, good stuff. I love the hammer finish on my 16 af-d.

Krisjanis Birkmanis says:

Thank You for great video. I have searched on web and get across Zenitar MC fisheye f2.8. I know it can’t beat Nikon, but the price of it is too good 🙂 what would be your verdict Ken? Thank You. keep up the great job, you have thought me a Lot with your educational videos. 😉

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