Altura Photo 8mm f/3.0 Fisheye Lens | FAQs

The 8MM F/3.0 Fisheye is the newest addition to the Professional Lens Series from Altura Photo. The lens features exceptional build quality and performance as well as straight forward ease of use for photographers of all levels. (Find yours here:

With a hybrid, aspherical element and multi-layer lens coating, the AP-8MC will unlock powerful new viewing angles as well as sharply defined images. Enjoy dramatic, exaggerated perspective when used with an APS-C camera, or the iconic circular image floating in the frame when used with a Full-Frame camera. Highly advanced optics and a new and improved design make the new Altura Photo AP-8MC 8MM F/3.0 Fisheye the ultimate fisheye lens for your DSLR camera.

• Metal lens construction with hybrid aspherical element for exceptional, sharply defined images.
• Multi-layered lens coating to reduce flare and ghosting.
• Lens features multi-layer coating to reduce flare and ghosting.
• Manual focus and aperture control.
• Includes a custom designed lens protective case for safe storage.
• Lens features a 6-blade aperture with clickable stops from a f/3.0-f/22.
• Removable petal lens hood.

1. What cameras are compatible with the Altura Photo 8mm lens? [00:50]
2. How to mount the Altura Photo 8mm lens? [1:41]
3. My camera doesn’t recognize the lens [2:30]
4. What are the best settings for using the Altura Photo 8mm lens? [3:38]
4.1. ISO [4:04]
4.2. Shutter Speed [5:03]
4.3. Aperture [5:45]
5. How do you focus with the Altura Photo 8mm lens? [7:18]


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Altura Photo 8mm f/3.0 Fisheye Lens | FAQs


Delfin Sidiropoulos says:

will this fit a canon 200d?

MrV2u says:

This is the normal vision for cyborgs. I need two of these so I can view the world like Adam.

Jordan Rushing says:

8:12 Thank me later

TheConquerors1066 says:

The discussion around the 7:00 mark about attaching a separate lens to obtain a light meter reading seems needlessly complicated. Not only does that necessitate dragging around another lens just to meter the light, but requires the time to swap lenses as well as possible dirt getting into both lens and body. Seems a silly method.

Is there no means of obtaining a light meter reading in full manual mode? My most primitive SLR film cameras all had light meters. They were full manual, and I have no compunction using a full manual mode, but I would expect the camera to give a light meter reading for guidance. Perhaps your video should be modified to show how to obtain a light meter reading without swapping lenses.

Sahil Borana says:

Will it work well with canon 700d eos?

Alex Lim says:

Not longer unique in its class. You have the Meike 6.5mm F.2.0 Fisheye lens with 190 degree field of view. All metal and glass, and heavy.

Elymaryta Khaoya says:

I find it useless cause it’s a dead lens. That’s rather annoying for HDR photography

Garras Porgratix says:

For christs sake, less talking salesman, more photos.

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