7.5mm f/2.8 Ultra-Wide Angle + Fisheye for $139!

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But feel free to check out the lenses

Amazon Links:
7 Artisans – http://a.co/hEvjGw0
Samyang – http://a.co/bXjhvgj

These lenses are available for the following mounts:
Sony E
Fuji X
Canon EF-M

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turn your exposure down

Jack Murray says:

very informative!

Bilal says:

It looks like you’re from Ottawa. Some of the footage was from the NAC on Elgin. That’s awsome.

cerebro7 says:

nice review. question, have you used these lens yet for astrophotography?
thanks very much

michael s says:

thank you

Ultra Instinct says:

wow I got a BMPCC and that would be great! thanks

FilipeGo says:

Found a Vivitar and a Newer 8 mm f/3,5 Fish-Eye for Nikon DX on Amazon. Anyone has experience with these brands?


Are you russian?

Andre Vandal says:

I can’t find the 7 Artisans version for E-Mount on Amazon, any reason why they don’t sell it?

Gaston Beltran says:

Hello, Does anyone have the profile for the 7artisans lens? I can´t find it

santos says:

You could give us some exemples of portraits with this lens

Brad Baker says:

Excellent video.

Tihomir Dimitrov says:

What LR lens corection profile are you using for 7artisans? I didn’t find built in for this lens.

Roberto Licardie says:

FF or apsc?

SKYDYLEY -W00 says:

can these fit on canon cameras?

bar nel says:


Sijan Hossain says:

Watching from Bangladesh.

Jamie Lukens says:

Can someone tell me if these are both compatible with my Canon 60D?!!

Saurav Shrestha says:

Fyi, you can do this with go pro as well.

Viktor Kutsyi says:

guys, is the CLEAR aperture size same for both lences? Thanks

Helí Suárez says:

I have that lens for my Bmpcc and it is awesome 😉

Perry Morris Media says:

On the Panasonic GH5, because of the crop, the fisheye effectis not seen.

iAndroid says:

just want a lens for bmx vids

dayat parko says:

Is that shooting on 4k or 1080p??

Michalramzes1 says:

IS there any way to correct the fish eye perspective for VIDEO ?

Nikolaj J Andersen says:

How did you shoot that at 1:10 btw??????

mgr5550 says:

Samyang & 7 Artisans Lens could have been mentioned in the video title right ?

dimonich says:

Hello. Really nice video and lenses. But I’d like to ask, if there are some good lenses for canon crop dslr? Thank you in advance!)

lester herman says:

Now I need to rethink about buying this 7artisans 7.5mm

Olegasphoto says:

Its no good for video.

Ko Ko Iphone says:

I was really confused of buying one of wide angle lens from 7artisans. That was a nice review, you just earned a fan! 😀

jon freeze says:

Yo! Thanks for showing how versatile this lens can be. I already own a 7artisans 23mm for my a6000. This will be my next lens.

Kiran Deep says:


asad baig says:

samyang is not available in M 4/3 mount

Tommy Li says:

Whoa, you made a really nice video, subscribed! Hope you have a lot more contents

Gendustries Official says:

How Does It Work For Video?

Mike Duffy says:

shame its exclusive for mirrorless cameras

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