3 in 1 Universal Smartphone Camera Lens 180°Fish Eye & Wide Angle & Macro Lens

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RMA 1902 says:

your presentation is fucking bad
work on that then come here and create a YouTube channel

Azhar says:

name of song???

Sissy Solomon says:

This was more like unpacketing rather than unboxing 😉 but yeah it`s from China so is ok for the price.

Siegmund Kamau says:

What is the magnification of the macro lens?

SMOKER says:

This could be a 4 min video.
Also, wtf is fishy eye?

Mike Sacro says:

why mine is not clear

Tongwa Tanyikeh says:

please can I know where you bought those lenses from? I’ll like to get mine but too many sites online and I am confused

chadi beyrouthy says:

can you shoot a small video footage with the wide angle lens? thanks

Keshav Krithikan says:

does the quality of video recorded be better with these lenses or else do they remain poor

Azra Şimşek says:

A-101 den aldım lzzknxkxkdkdkd

100ksubs and no videos says:

hi im trying 100k subs and no videos

Gio Verde says:

Somefing schmell fishy eye!

Mustache Cashdash says:

fishy eye

Wallace Crumpton says:

he talks way too much

akshay sankhyan says:

please don’t waste our time makr video Fast

Pegboxim says:

You have a CroatCode expression and a Vision voice

frooty peanut gaming says:

Can you put the lens on the front facing camera on the iPhone 5? Or will it not work?

calvin harris says:

i bet that you had a fire extinguisher beside you.. while filming this 13 mins. hahaha #samshit

stickievidz says:

+TM Videos whats the outside diameter of the wide angle lens? will it fit in a 20mm tube?

Cobalt says:

What’s the point of the wide angle if it has the same black edges as the fish eye and captures less than the fisheye?

ChrisTeChicken says:

why do you say fishy eye because it is said f-ish eye

CarouselBlind says:

fish eye app
panoramic app

you are better of with a long range lense

SrbijaGamingCommunity says:

fishy eye

Kushal Mondal says:

not good

Aldemiro Domingos B says:

can you use it on z note 4?

Noemi Fabi says:

Ok. Thank you. Ok. Obrigada. Very good.

Gurosama Bltch says:

It’s FISH eye, not fishy eye.

Eight Shows says:

u talk too much

o_nutella says:

You talk too much!… STOP TALKING!

Rohan Vaghela says:

it is support in dual camera smartphone

Yash Nirbhavane says:

13 minute video for a 3$ lenskit? really!!!?

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